We bring your ideas to live!

We are a software company specialized in nurturing and growing ideas from it’s initial seed to a live product.

We take care of all development steps, from coding to hosting and also keeping your product up and running.

Partner up with us to build together a state of the art product!

Our process in five steps:

  • 1. Contact us
  • 2. Give us some general information about what you want to build
  • 3. Sign a contract agreement for protecting your detail view of the business
  • 4. Discuss in detail what you want to build and how you want it, responsibilities, time frames and milestones
  • 5. Sign the final contract to start building your product

Portofolio and clients:

Agriculture startup to help small and medium farmers manage livestocks, lands.

Custom solution for warehouse management

Custom solution for satellite tracking system

GEEA SYSTEM Custom solution in form of AutoCAD plugins

Website development including hosting and menteance

Contact us!

We are a software company located in Bucharest, Romania.

location Our favorite meeting place is Seneca Anticafe

phone Call us: +40.722.678.639

email Email us: contact@sphersoft.com

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